Innovation in Care

Altercare embraces technology, new roles in healthcare, and continual review and refinement of care giving techniques. We recognize that seeking out new and better approaches means better health outcomes and quality of life for our patients and residents.

Here are just a few of our care innovations and their impact at Altercare:

  • Continued improvement of Readmission Rates through quality metric analysis, such as evaluating meal consumption patterns and vital signs of patients readmitted to the hospital.
  • Electronic Health Records dashboard and metrics help our staff find extensive opportunities to improve and personalize care.
  • Transitional Care Nurse meets with families in the hospital to help ease the transfer process and ensure continuity of care when coming to Altercare or returning home from one of our centers. This reduces stress by improving family communication and helps prevent readmissions.
  • Music Therapy Program for residents with Alzheimer's disease provides emotional and cognitive stimulation and improved alertness.
  • Wound Care Program ensures at least one wound care specialist nurse at each facility.
  • Relias E-learning System keeps staff across all our centers up to date on the latest care approaches, critical skills, processes and technology.
  • Lean Six Sigma Initiatives realize efficiencies and enhanced service, including shorter food delivery times and more effective nurse aide training.
  • Patient Centered Dementia Care Program focuses on breaking through communication barriers by developing speech therapist-based recommendations for communicating most effectively with each patient, such as visual cues, and ensuring these guides are readily available to the nursing staff.
  • Automated Pharmacy dispensing equipment allows quicker provision of medications to patients and frees nurses to focus on other care aspects.