RAMP Recognition/Engagement Program

Altercare Employee Recognition and Motivational Program (RAMP) logo

Altercare's Employee Recognition and Motivational Program (RAMP) recognizes quality in work performance and rewards outstanding employees that demonstrate the core values of the organization.

The Recognition and Motivational Program (RAMP) is represented through an online employee engagement platform. The online forum will celebrate and reward and aims to connect our workforce through achievement and milestone recognition, a rewards system, as well as social engagement.

Employees can now perform tasks ranging from sending personalized e-cards for birthdays, anniversaries, or a job-well-done, to selecting personal rewards or experiences for work-related achievements utilizing an online platform offered by C.A. Short, an employee engagement company.

Rewards That Matter - This feature of the online forum offers a rewards point system. The point system recognizes years of service in five-year increments beginning at year one, which correlates to 500 points. Year five, resulting in 1000 points, year ten - 1500 points, and so forth. Reward points can also be garnered through employee appreciation and special achievements.

These points translate to real money that can be spent in the rewards center. Reward categories range from electronics, housewares, toys for children, and experiences, such as piano lessons or vacations. Redeem points for items in the store by browsing the category, selecting the item, and clicking the cart option to finish the transaction. The items purchased will ship directly to your home from C.A. Short.

Ready to start engaging with the platform? Visit our employee platform here: https://www.peopleareeverything.com