Stroke Therapy

Stroke or brain injury can have complex effects on the body and brain. Our team takes an individualized approach to meeting each patient's cognitive, communication and physical rehabilitation goals. National Institutes of Health stroke-certified, our therapy team provides one-on-one care to patients recovering from a brain injury or illness.

Our speech therapy program includes language therapy, voice improvement, cognitive treatment, speech intelligibility and swallowing therapy. Patients suffering from dysphagia, a common condition among stroke and brain injury survivors, can take advantage of our VitalStim® therapy, a technology proven to dramatically improve swallowing ability through electrical stimulation. Repeated therapy helps to gradually retrain the muscle groups to make swallowing easier and eventually effortless.

We know the recovery process after a neurological event is demanding—on families as well as patients. At Altercare, we educate patients and families to ensure progress continues long after a patient leaves our care.