Hospice Care Brings Peace

Hospice care is a holistic approach allowing patients to transition at life's end with dignity, comfort and peace. Hospice care seeks to address the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of patients and their families.

At the end stage of life, hospice care can enhance quality of life through symptom management when aggressive and invasive treatments are no longer effective or wanted. Additionally, Altercare offers intimate gathering areas so families can savor secluded closeness. Through our Comsol program, an onsite spiritual care team extends a sense of peace and support to families as needed.

Too many families wait to initiate hospice service, and then wish they had engaged this team of supportive caregivers and offerings sooner. While considering hospice care for a loved one or yourself is never easy to talk about, in the final stage of life, hospice offers dignity, support and peace. Through hospice care, Altercare offers the respect, attention to detail and compassionate interaction we would want for our own family members.

When is it time for hospice care?

A hospice patient typically has a medical condition with a life expectancy of less than six months. During this time, an individual and/or family, in conjunction with the individual's physician, agree that the care goal is not treatment or cure, rather pain management and support for dignified final days.